LNR Lab - Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec

I am taking part in the LNR Lab, which is a mini-workshop of sorts. It is being run by Kristy from Life-n-Reflection. This lab is VIP only!

(Click HERE for more info.)

Our first experiment is creating calendars using the frames that she made. I've decided to focus on gemstones for my calendars. Time to finish up this experiment and start on the next one! September's gemstone is sapphire, October's gemstone is opal, November's gemstone is topaz, and December's gemstone is turquoise.

I've watermarked and resized my calendar, so I don't mind if you save it to your computer and use it as wallpaper for your pc. However, DO NOT repost it on your blog/flickr or claim it as your own work. And if you do decide you want to borrow it, please give me a shout out on your blog!


  1. These are all so wonderful. I especially love October's flowers. What flowers will you have in your bouquet?

  2. these are great how did you get the calendar part though?