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no new photos today, i'm sorry! i am skipping part 3 of the creative workshop and there is no photo hunt going on yet.

i have a huge favor to ask of my few readers. i am getting married next year, and i have entered a contest to win a photography package for my wedding. in order to win, i need comments! go to this blog post (it is the photographer's blog) and comment on my story. you have to fill out the entire comment form in order to submit it.

please do this for me. it will only take a minute, maybe 2. but it would mean so much to me.


This is Who I Am, Part 2 - Embracing MY shadow

I am taking part in a FREE creative workshop that is run by Christina of Divas and dreams photography blog.

Here is last week's assignment (because I am destined to always be one week behind):

The written assignment;

1. Choose 3 words that tells something important about your personality. One thing you don´t like and two that you love.

What I love the most about myself is that I´m (insert your word)________ and (insert your word) ___________.

What I hate the most about myself is that I´m (insert your word) __________.

2. When you have your words, I will ask you to make a sentence using all 3 words. One sentence with all 3 words. Write the sentence down on a piece of paper. Do it your way, it dosen´t even have to make sense to others just to you. you will need to use this sentence in you photo assignment.

3. Last but not least I will ask you to reflect on your negative word, but in a new and positive way;

The good thing about being (insert your negative word) ___________ is that__________.

Being (insert your negative word) ________ is great because it helps me ______________________.

I know there is something positive to find, it can be a challenge to find it, but it´s there :-) When you find it, acknowledge it and embrace it with respect and love. Use it as a strenght in your creative work!

Your Photo assignment;

Okay, now take your sentence with the 3 words and use it in your photo somehow. There are no rules about how to do this, just make sure the sentence is in the picture. You can write it on a post it, on your body, on a mirror with a lipstick or paint it on a wall - it´s all up to you. Remember; no limits!

Here is my written part:

What I love most about myself is that I'm passionate and patient. What I hate most about myself is that I'm unmotivated.

There is a difference between being patient and being unmotivated. I have to remind myself to be passionately patient so I don't become too unmotivated.

The good thing about being unmotivated is that when things go wrong, or don't turn out the way I expected, I don't get too upset. I keep going, keep trying.

Being unmotivated is great because it helps me to stay open to new possibilities. Rather than being limited by unachievable goals and impossible expectations, I am willing to take what life hands me and make the best of it.

For the photo assignment, I used a mini-fridge, magnetic letters, and a dry-erase marker. (On a side note, I had no idea that mini-fridges were magnetic or that you could draw on them.)


This is Who I Am, Part 1

I am taking part in a FREE creative workshop that is run by Christina of Divas and dreams photography blog. Let me tell you, she is one AMAZING photographer. And so generous, to be offering this creative workshop for absolutely no charge.

This workshop is all about discovering yourself and boosting your creativity. There is absolutely no technical aspect whatsoever! I highly encourage everyone to join in. You can be any age and any skill level, and there is no need to join in every week. It's perfect for busy moms and working women who want inspiration without committing to specific time periods and without paying an arm and a leg.

So, I am a week behind, but I am going to try to catch up next week. Last week's assignment (using that term loosely) was in two parts:

This is who I am - part one:

The photo challenge:
Show me who you are by collecting some personal stuff that describe your personality. What objects do you have that describes you the best? Find the things that symbolise you, what you love, what you dream about, what your history are ect. There is no limit on who many or few things to show.

The written assignment: Pick 3 things that you chose to photograph and tell why you chose it or what it tells about you.

Here is the photo challenge:

And here is the written assignment:

This photo could be 3 different things: my engagement ring, a magnet from NYC, or the angel bear. My engagement ring represents my romantic nature and how much I love my fiance. The magnet from NYC represents my love for the city and my constant urge to hop on the train to the Big Apple. The angel bear represents how much I miss my grandma - she taught me that angels are real.

This is my tassel from graduation. I earned my Master's of Science in Education, with a concentration in Literacy. I spent 7 years at one college in order to get this degree, and I am so proud of myself for succeeding. I want to get a second Master's someday.

These are three very good books for someone like me - someone who loves to read and write, and also loves history (especially WWII and the Holocaust). Hitler Youth is a YA book about the Holocaust, On Writing Well is about creative writing (from my undergraduate English major), and Wide Sargasso Sea is a sequel of sorts to Jane Eyre (from my undergraduate English major).


june 2010 photos

june 2010 photo hunt

1. Hilarious Out-Takes
(i was photographing my younger brother's face for the creative crop theme, and he was making funny faces at me.)

2. Creative Crop

3. Sun Flare

4. Sweet Dreams
(sleeping flamingos)

5. Work
(imagine feeding penguins for a living.)

6. Play

7. Cookout/Picnic
(the remnants of a cookout at my house.)

8. Transportation

9. Money/Currency
(... or the lack thereof.)

10. A Fountain

11. A Night Scene

12. B&W with Selective Coloring

13. Something Old
(this building is over 150 years old.)

14. Something New

15. Something Borrowed
(someone's got high library fees.)

16. Something Blue

17. Something Musical

18. Something Purple

19. Something Yellow

20. Something Scenic

no archived photos - all of these were taken between june 1 and june 30.

My photos have been chosen as Favorite Photos for the following categories: Something Purple, Something New, Fountain, Something Borrowed, Sweet Dreams, Something Scenic, Something Blue, Selective Coloring, Hilarious Outtakes, Work.