Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.22.12

1. Yellow

2. Something that makes me smile
So many things:
teeny purple flowers. sunlight.
all the things that I am learning in my photography workshop.
the fact that I am getting closer and closer to getting my photos right in-camera.

3. Ancient/antique
The ruins of the incline railway.

4. Splash
This photo is archived from July 2011.

5. In the sun
It just wouldn't be a proper Scavenger Hunt without one photo of Katniss.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.15.12

1. Simple

2. Grain
A grainy photo of my lovely husband.
Who hates to have his photo taken.

3. Transportation
I shot this quickly while sitting at a red light last night.

4. Stitch
My friend sent me this adorable little baby sock monkey.

5. Bubbles
This photo is archived from March 2012.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.8.12

1. New

2. Life

3. Fragrant

4. Pink

5. Obvious
Is it obvious how much I am loving photographing flowers these days?!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.1.12

1. Clouds
We had 2 days with no clouds, and then 3 days with clouds, so this was an easy prompt for me.

2. Sunflare
I'm a pro at capturing sunbursts, but I'm still figuring out the sunflare.

3. Seven
Seven M&M's.

4. High Angle
I couldn't possibly post SHS photos without including Katniss.

5. Low Angle
One of my mom's pretty windchimes.