September Still Life Standout

September Still Life Standout

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Autumn Is Here!

Disclaimer: This is not my photo. I did not take it.
Copyright belongs to the original photographer:
Deb Duty

The editing I did here is for the Edit Me challenge. Click here for more information.

All of these actions were tweaked:

Nashville by Amanda Padgett

No Cream or Sugar B&W by Rita


Cozy September (Soulful Warm Autumn) by Isabelle Lafrance


More editing to show off...

Because that's what this blog has turned into. Since I haven't done a photo hunt since May.

The finished photo on the right has a layer of autumn burst (by Kim Klassen) on soft light at 87%.


Lavender & Green - SOOC

I have been practicing my clean edits lately. I decided to compare a clean edit from ACR with a clean edit done entirely using layers in pse8.

I like the vibrancy and tones of the ACR edit, but I really love how the pse edit brings out the purple in the flowers.


August Still Life Standout

Green glass bead 2

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Summer Sunset

Before and After... Sort of.

The before photo is actually after I had edited in ACR. The after photo has only been edited using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer in pse8.

*mouseover to see the before*


Guest Bloggers Needed!

I know I am going to be busy during the week leading up to my wedding, not mention that I'll be gone for a week during my honeymoon. Thus, I am looking for guest bloggers for my main blog -Artistically Amy- for the weeks of August 15th and August 29. Please let me know if you are interested!


Vintage Edit

I needed to practice the mouseover effect again because I am fiddling with sizing. Also, Amanda over at Everyday Elements posted a tutorial for a vintage edit and offered to let us practice on a photo of her daughter.

So, the image above is my final edit, and you can see the SOOC if you hover over the image. Additionally, below, you can see the comparison of the SOOC shot with my clean edit, the vintage edit using Amanda's technique (adjusted layer opacities to my liking), and my final edit using a texture from Isabelle Lafrance.

Click to see it full size.


August 2011 Photo Hunt

The themes for the August 2011 Photo Hunt have been posted!

1 ) Simple Elegance

2 ) Fluff

3 ) Wisdom

4 ) Ink

5 ) Devotion

6 ) Engaging

7 ) Drastic Change

8 ) Serenity

9 ) Ending

10 ) Childhood Memory

11 ) Overload

12 ) Fantastical

13 ) Into the Sky

14 ) Smash

15 ) Lucky

CLICK HERE for more info!


July Still Life Standout

Golden Pink Bud

This is the same photo (without the quote) that was
featured on Branson's blog earlier this month.
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June 2011 Photo Hunt

The list has been posted for the June 2011 Photo Hunt!

1. Sun/Lens Flare

2. A Street Scene

3. Signage

4. Creative Crop

5. A Fountain

6. B & W with Selective Coloring

7. Cookout/Picnic

8. Body of Water

9. Great Outdoors

10. Fish

11. Roughin It

12. A Different Point of View

CLICK HERE to sign up.


May 2011 Photo Hunt

I completed the May 2011 Photo Hunt!

Well, all but 1 theme.






This is the one I didn't get.


A Spring Activity

Reading Material

One-Point Perspective Lines

Something Juicy

CLICK HERE to see all of the entries.


May 2011 Photo Hunt!!

I know that May is more than half over, but I figured I'd post this anyway. And there are only 11 themes, easy enough to capture in the next 12 days.

The list for the May 2011 Photo Hunt has been posted!

1. Wind
2 Sprout
3. Fresh
4. Vibrant
5. Unique
6. Wet
7. Lines
8. A Spring Activity
9. Reading Material
10. One-Point Perspective Lines
11. Something Juicy

Please feel free to snag this image to post on your own blog to encourage people to join in! Please spread the word!

ALL photos must be taken between May 1 and May 31. If, at the end of the month, you’ve missed a theme, you are allowed to use a total of TWO archived photos. However, archived photos will NOT be considered when the judges pick their favorites.

At the end of month, please gather all of your photos and post them online on one post or gallery on a blog/flicker/photobucket/whereever! A new Linky will be posted on June 1 so you can add the direct link to your photos.


April 2011 Photo Hunt!!

Here is my completed April 2011 Photo Hunt!

My brother's friend's sweet husky.

Archived photo.... Actually the "Something Cozy" photo from last month.

Best from April 16

In Fashion
Those Pand0ra bracelets... Mine is from Disney, which makes it so much better. A gift from my FMIL. She bought me 2 charms (Cinderella's coach and a flower) and I bought the sun clip to keep them from sliding all over.



My fiance in the orange sweater and his friends playing a LOTR board game.



Something Tiny
The head of a pin.

Something Huge
The sky? Clouds? The universe that surrounds us?
God's majesty