This is Who I Am, Part 1

I am taking part in a FREE creative workshop that is run by Christina of Divas and dreams photography blog. Let me tell you, she is one AMAZING photographer. And so generous, to be offering this creative workshop for absolutely no charge.

This workshop is all about discovering yourself and boosting your creativity. There is absolutely no technical aspect whatsoever! I highly encourage everyone to join in. You can be any age and any skill level, and there is no need to join in every week. It's perfect for busy moms and working women who want inspiration without committing to specific time periods and without paying an arm and a leg.

So, I am a week behind, but I am going to try to catch up next week. Last week's assignment (using that term loosely) was in two parts:

This is who I am - part one:

The photo challenge:
Show me who you are by collecting some personal stuff that describe your personality. What objects do you have that describes you the best? Find the things that symbolise you, what you love, what you dream about, what your history are ect. There is no limit on who many or few things to show.

The written assignment: Pick 3 things that you chose to photograph and tell why you chose it or what it tells about you.

Here is the photo challenge:

And here is the written assignment:

This photo could be 3 different things: my engagement ring, a magnet from NYC, or the angel bear. My engagement ring represents my romantic nature and how much I love my fiance. The magnet from NYC represents my love for the city and my constant urge to hop on the train to the Big Apple. The angel bear represents how much I miss my grandma - she taught me that angels are real.

This is my tassel from graduation. I earned my Master's of Science in Education, with a concentration in Literacy. I spent 7 years at one college in order to get this degree, and I am so proud of myself for succeeding. I want to get a second Master's someday.

These are three very good books for someone like me - someone who loves to read and write, and also loves history (especially WWII and the Holocaust). Hitler Youth is a YA book about the Holocaust, On Writing Well is about creative writing (from my undergraduate English major), and Wide Sargasso Sea is a sequel of sorts to Jane Eyre (from my undergraduate English major).


  1. Oohh thank you so much for posting dear....it was so nice to get to know you a bit and take a peak into your personality. 7 years in college..wow...I am SO impressed - you rock girl, that is dedication at it´s best, fantastic!!

    I love the little teddy bear..aaw..so cute - and yes angles are everywhere :-)



  2. i love your pictures :) our stuff says so much about us and these did a great job of showing! :)

  3. Great work on the images and the story. 7 years for the tassle? I am truly impressed and can see how much work that was from your words.

    I love the creativity. I think I am going to like the workshop.