june 2010 photos

june 2010 photo hunt

1. Hilarious Out-Takes
(i was photographing my younger brother's face for the creative crop theme, and he was making funny faces at me.)

2. Creative Crop

3. Sun Flare

4. Sweet Dreams
(sleeping flamingos)

5. Work
(imagine feeding penguins for a living.)

6. Play

7. Cookout/Picnic
(the remnants of a cookout at my house.)

8. Transportation

9. Money/Currency
(... or the lack thereof.)

10. A Fountain

11. A Night Scene

12. B&W with Selective Coloring

13. Something Old
(this building is over 150 years old.)

14. Something New

15. Something Borrowed
(someone's got high library fees.)

16. Something Blue

17. Something Musical

18. Something Purple

19. Something Yellow

20. Something Scenic

no archived photos - all of these were taken between june 1 and june 30.

My photos have been chosen as Favorite Photos for the following categories: Something Purple, Something New, Fountain, Something Borrowed, Sweet Dreams, Something Scenic, Something Blue, Selective Coloring, Hilarious Outtakes, Work.


  1. very nice. i really like the flamingos!!

  2. Great shots! My favorite is the Sweet Dreams, I also like scenic.

  3. Great pics. I really like 4, 8, 9, 18-20. I have no idea what 2, 6, 7, 14, or 15 look like. For some reason my computer isn't bringing them up, but I'm sure they're great b/c the rest of them are!

  4. Beautiful shots. my faves are selective colouring and something scenic:) Nice work!

  5. That's good beer in your cookout picture. I used to buy that by the case whenever I was in PA. I'm sure you can get it almost anywhere now. I thought you were clever with your take on currency (the lack of it) and new (car smell). But I thought your best photograph was of the purple flowers.

  6. love something purple! great photos!

  7. These are wonderful - I especially love your play photo and something scenic. Great job!

  8. Nice job! You had several great shots (fountain, scenic, etc). Thanks for playing along!