Scavenger Hunt Sunday 1.22.12

1. Sunset
It was so cold out when I took this photo!
I went out, fiddled with the settings, took this photo, and literally ran back inside.
Processed in LR3 with my own Clean Sunset preset.

2. Black and White
Katniss is such a gorgeous cat; she looks good in color OR monotone!
Processed in LR3 with the Wispy preset from My 4 Hens.

3. A Day in My Life
Making a grocery list.

4. Four
For this prompt, I decided to use 4 different edits of 1 photo.
Processed in LR3 using S-Curve B&W preset (top L), my own Twilight: New Moon preset (top R), 
my own B&W Medium Well preset (bottom L), and Earlybird preset (bottom R).

5. Colorful
These are colorful little mice that Katniss loves to attack.
Literally, she'll pounce on these babies with all 4 paws.
Processed in LR3 using my own Cherry Cola preset.


  1. Your sunset shot is so pretty and your cat is adorable. Great shots this week.

  2. Oh my goodness your cat is precious. I agree your cat looks good in all shades. I like how you edited the photo four different ways - smart thinking.

  3. You sound like me, running out and then right back in!! I always thought Katniss would be the perfect cat name!! (but alas..no kitty!). Love that you used it! I love all of your shots especially the set of 4 of Katniss!

  4. Love your cat's name and her pictures - good idea on the 4 prompt. Very lovely sunset.

  5. Super pictures this week. Love the contrast of the tree in your sunset picture!

  6. great pictures, I agree sunset is adorable!

    Light Trigger

  7. All the pics are terrific! Gorgeous cat!

  8. Great series. The sunset shot was nice - Good for you for braving the cold to take it.
    Your BW shot is great - What a pretty kitty.
    Good idea for the Day in the Life shot - I make a lot of lists too.
    Loved your 4 series - I'm a sucker for cat photo's.
    Very Colorful kitty toys.

  9. great image of the sunset, great flare...and your kitty makes a great model. Have fun this week!!

  10. What a sweet kitty! Nice job!

  11. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love the grocery list and how it has Feed Dog as the first entry. Very cute.

  12. Great set! And what a cute kitty :)