Scavenger Hunt Sunday 1.15.12

1. Stacked Up
This is part of my to-be-read shelf of books.

2. Winter Wonderland
Bare branches always mean winter to me... Even though we haven't had ANY snow yet this winter!

3. Sweet
My sweet Katniss.
More photos over at my main blog!

4. Hole
The entrance to this bird house is a hole.

5. Frozen
The only Girl Scout cookies I eat are Thin Mints, and I only eat them frozen.


  1. Nice set. I really like the lighting in the kitty picture!

  2. As a Girl Scout leader I love seeing those frozen thin mints in your freezer.

    Great series of shots Amy.

  3. Wow, such a great series of photos. I literally just finished Hunger Games, love your lovely kitty's name.

  4. What a great set - really like your winter wonderland.