august 2010 photos

august 2010 photo hunt

1. a flag that represents me
an American flag at SeaWorld

2. something comfortable

3. something in season
frozen butterbeer is the perfect summer treat,
especially when it's 107 degrees at Universal

4. feet

5. repetition

6. culture
one in which a person drops a soda can into a gutter
and doesn't pick it up

7. contrast

8. an indulgence
vacation to Disney World and lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table
certainly something that i don't get to do everyday

9. macro

10. something masculine
a cold beer and a game of horseshoes
a summer bbq tradition

11. something feminine
pretty n pink

12. light

13. eco-friendly
the rain barrel we use to collect water

14. business

15. an arrow

16. something wet

17. something dry

18. butterflies

19. heart-shaped clouds

20. strength
i got nothing

no archived photos - all of these shots were taken between august 1 and august 31.

my photos have been picked as favorites for the following categories: something masculine, contrast, indulgence, feet, dry, wet, light, repetition, heart shaped clouds.


  1. Wonderful collection, Amy! I can't pick a favorite(s) because I really like them all. Your creativity in finding excellent subjects prevails! Yay!

  2. great collection! loved the dried, light, and culture...awesome job!

  3. Wow -- these are all so wonderful -- I LOVE the clouds! The WET is so cool! Horshoe photo rocks! :) Thank you for sharing and stopping by my blog and your comment! :)

    Great job!


  4. I love your repetition shot! Great job!

  5. Gosh, I don't know if I can pick a favorite!! I love the something wet and the arrow shot! Great job!!

  6. Great photos! I love that you choose something other then a food item for indulgence. Very creative! Your shot for light is beautiful! I love your shot for business it made me giggle!

  7. nice collection! I love your 'culture' shot, but hate that it was there for you to take. I despise litter bugs!

  8. love your water shot--but all your results were terrific. and thanks for making it so easy to copy and file, everything was labeled so nicely.

  9. Grate photos.

    Those little sugar cubes are just too cute. Love the little pictuers on them.

  10. Great work Amy - in particular I love your contrast and something light photos! I need to be sure I have this blog added to my reader.

  11. your something wet is so fun. where is that?

  12. I love them all!! The dried flowers, Cinderella's castle, the roller coaster - all are GREAT!!

  13. Great job! I loved your light, wet and feet! Thanks for participating, hope you join us again in Octiber!