outdoor photography challenge

i've been experimenting with LR3 with the 30 day trial. it's kinda fun and addicting, but it can be confusing. i've been trying to teach myself how to use it, so i have no idea if i am using any good techniques. it is subtle, with minute differences that sometimes don't matter, but other times seem to make or break a photo.

as if using LR3 isn't ENOUGH of a challenge, i've give myself another one. i got the idea over at Ashley's blog, ramblings and photos. Brent from linky tools put forth a challenge. he told everyone to download his photo, process, and share with others. then, he is going to do a demonstration on outdoor photography.

here is the photo:

here it is after i did some stuff in LR3:

here is what i did:
-auto tone
-increase temp
-increase tint
-decrease exposure
-increase blacks
-increase contrast
-increase clarity
-increase green hues
-sharpen: increase detail + radius
-increase highlight recovery
-vignette: color priority, amount -61, midpoint 66, roundness -1, feather 50, highlights 11

what do you think??


  1. Hey there,
    I love the black shade around the whole photo! :)

  2. I love it...your edits made the photo pop!!