Scavenger Hunt Sunday 5.13.12

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and grandma's and godmother's reading this. And a special wish for our SHS host, Ashley, because she'll be a mama in just a few weeks!

Okay, onto the Hunt.

My online workshop with Lisa is inspiring me more than I ever could have anticipated. This is a photo I took for one of our assignments last week (low light photography).


  1. Lovely set! My favorite is inspiring, love the b&w and it has an interesting composition - is he ready to pounce on that string?

  2. Good shots for the hunt. I really like the kitty and the raindrops on the window and mirror.

  3. Great set Amy - love the tones in your sidewalk shot.

  4. Great photos. I love them all. Your cat looks just like my mothers.

  5. that sidewalk + nicely clipped grass leads to ??? your doorstep? front porch?
    CLOSE-UP of your cat's eyes is very cool...