Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.22.12

1. Yellow

2. Something that makes me smile
So many things:
teeny purple flowers. sunlight.
all the things that I am learning in my photography workshop.
the fact that I am getting closer and closer to getting my photos right in-camera.

3. Ancient/antique
The ruins of the incline railway.

4. Splash
This photo is archived from July 2011.

5. In the sun
It just wouldn't be a proper Scavenger Hunt without one photo of Katniss.


  1. I love the first two pictures, they take me to another world of the untamed beauty of nature.. So wonderful!

  2. Great choices for this challenge. I was so tempted to photograph one of my kitties snoozing in the warmth of the sun - I'm glad to see someone did. Great splash shot.

  3. I love your Ancient/Antique photo. The framing is perfect and I love the texture.

  4. These are beautiful Amy - I really love your first two shots.

  5. Hi Amy!
    Love your hunts this week!