February 2011 Photo Hunt

1. Best Photo from 2-19 or 2-20
My brother on 2-19 after I straightened his hair.

2. Black History Month
A display on the college campus where I work.

3. Canned Food Month

4. Everyday
I do a sudoku challenge everyday.
This was originally my Numbers photos, but I changed my mind.

5. Hearts
My friend made a Valentine's Day cake.

6. Macro
I made red velvet cupcakes for a work potluck lunch.

7. Numbers
My reports at work are full of numbers!

8. Something Cozy
My bed!

9. Something Furry
Lambchop, one of my stuffed babies.

10. Something Red

11. Something White

12. The View from Above
I was standing on a chair.


  1. You have some really awesome photos from the challenge.

  2. I'll agree on the cozy--I like my bed too. your red photo is ver dramatic. nice results for the hunt. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  3. Nice! I love Sudoku puzzles. I was planning to do this challenge, too, but I didn't make it. Good for you for getting it done!