october 2010 photo hunt

october 2010 photo hunt challenge

1. in disguise

2. crisp

3. fall colors
every football fan has their own fall colors

4. jack-o-lantern

5. shot from the ground

6. landscape

7. fall tradition

8. books

9. dining

10. child

11. faces found in nature

12. tilt-shift
this was fun!

13. selective color

14. bokeh

15. my best photo from october 23

16. kitchen

17. something vintage

18. something creepy
*this is archived from 2007*

19. something golden

20. self-portrait

my photos have been picked as favorites for: crisp, bokeh, vintage, selective color, shot from the ground.


  1. Great photos, I really like your child, fall colors, and tailgaiting!

  2. Great shots really like the shot from the ground, tiltshift, and vintage.


  3. These are all great. Love your vintage and landscaping shots. I want to be at that tailgate party. Looks like fun.

  4. Several great shots. I love the processing of the football photo. That jack o' lantern and it's baby are just too cute. And love the the kid's legs on your bokeh photo. Here are mine:

  5. Grate job. My Favs would be Jack o'latren, love how there are 2 in one, your from the ground, the old railway trakes and so on gives it such a quite feeling. Love ther perspictiv of your Bokah pictuer.

    BTW, I am so SURE I would get kicked out of a libary here for taking a photo in it. I have out of a shot, or at lest been told not to take photos in it.

  6. Amy - seriously girl..you've done an amazing job with the hunt this month. There were so many favorites. I'm especially intrigued by your tilt shift shot. I wish my husband was in town so I could have him drive while I took a similar shot. Great work!

  7. Love your shots for fall colors and child! Great job!

  8. I love YOUR tilt-shift too! So fun! I also am completely in love with the football shot - I'd probably print and frame that for my house. Freaking awesome! (I am also stupidly partial to the ND-themed shots that prevailed thru this... but am angry because they're SO terrible... sigh salt in a wound dude ;o) Overall, these are great shots - love looking at them! And thanks for introducing me to this - it was wicked fun!

  9. love it! is your pumpkin eating another pumpking!?!? that is so cool!

    I love the tilt shift and the tailgating! great pics :-)

  10. Uh wow! I'm glad I stopped by. If I'm honest I'll tell you I was getting tired clicking through the links (not because of bad pictures, but because it takes a long time to get through when you have 2 active boys) anyway... your POV is exceptional. I loved all of your shots!

  11. In my last comment I totally meant "they're so terrible" to be the TEAM, not your shots - omg, I'm sorry if that came across wrong. I'm an idiot!

  12. amazing shots....love the self portrait..:)

  13. Great Job on all your shots...love the self-portrait girl you are beautiful!!